Hi all!

Hi all, I’m Sascha i am 24 and from Vienna.
I was always somewhat interested in tabletop games, just from watching some campaigns on youtube and stuff. A few months back i decided to get a small group of friends together to try our own dnd campaign. I ended up as the dm and i have a lot of fun within our group even though none of us really had much experience with table tops.
Still i found myself wanting to improve my dming because i sometimes felt like i was holding everyone back a little bit, even though i got almost only positive feedback.
And also i really wanted to get to play as a PC sometimes but just like the dnd memes go; once i started dming i was stuck with it. (though i still enjoy dming)

So when i heard of Adventure League and that we have such a thing in Vienna i thought i needed to try that since i would get to play a PC and at the same time see how a experienced dm handles his shit.

Basically im saying i want to learn how others play dnd and if Adventure League is really fun i might even end up a regular, who knows.

Welcome :slight_smile:
If you plan to come to AL just make sure to announce yourself in the according thread (there is a new thread for each session)


I also joined AL just a short while ago, and I’m sure you’ll like it. Being a PC can be relaxing compared to being a DM, it definitely will change up your perspective and should make you an even better DM. So, upsides all around :wink:

Thank you for the warm welcome!
I already made sure to announce myself for the upcoming session and am excited to meet fellow roleplayers tomorrow : )