Hi All! I'm new in the Forum

Hi Everyone!

While originally from the Basque Country in Spain, I’ve been living in Vienna already for almost six years. It was not so long ago that I heard about this group from a friend, but guess I’ve always been too shy to introduce myself.

Usually I’m playing more of wargames, such as Warhammer 40k, Frostgrave or Rangers of the Shadowdeep, but I’m also very keen on rpg. I played mostly DnD and Vampiro (back in the old days) and recently started a DnD 5e campaign with some friends online.

I’d really like to join your next friday game (02.06.2023) and get to know each other. If I’ve understood the quick start guide correctly, I should create a standard DnD 5e character. Right? I’ll get off the rust, but might need your support/check before any game just in case.

Thanks for having me in the group and looking forward to meeting you all soon! :partying_face:


Welcome! Looking forward to meet you on Friday! Make sure to let us know in this week’s VALUE thread with which character/tier you plan to join :slight_smile:

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welcome :slight_smile: :palm_tree: :sun_with_face:

added you to the players list for this Friday :+1:


Thanks for that! I’ll write you in the other post as well, just in case

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Welcome! Looking forward to meet you on friday! :slight_smile:

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