My name is Stefan, 30, and this here is me fulfilling my new years resolution here :smiley:
I’ve started playing D&D a couple of months ago with a couple of friends and I’m completely hooked.

I’m very much looking forward to get to know you and to many adventures together! :smiley:
I guess see you on Friday!


I wanted to thank @mulog, @PlusOneNico, @Martin, @Resil, @BrotDestroyer and Ori (sorry, my sherlocking only got me so far) for this wonderful evening yesterday and an amazing introduction into AL.
And I thought I was hooked before yesterday… :sweat_smile:
I hope to see you next time! :slight_smile:


It was a lot of fun yesterday!
Welcome to your new weekly Friday plans now haha…

Ps: Sorry for tricking you into talking like a half Orc :smile:
And ori is @Cyan

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it was super fun! looking forward to playing with you guys again!


Yup. Cause were all “FRIENDS” right?:joy::joy::joy: But on the serious not it was awesome playing with you all.