I found this forum because of a reddit thread (If vaiperu or jacenat read this, hey!). I’m really quite a newbie since I didn’t play any “real” RPGs before - I always wanted to but lacked a group. So it’s great I found this!

If I understand correctly, Thursdays are “open game nights” in the Spielraum and it’s pretty much who likes to come just comes? I’m a bit nervous since I didn’t play before and I don’t want to be a burden.

Anyway, thanks for this great forum and I hope to see some of you soon.

  • Phil

Welcome, Phil.

One minor correction, it is the Spielbar
(near Alser straße, not Spielraum. These are two different places.

Apart from that, yes, it is open game. Ideally, you pop up in advance in the relevant thread to announce you will be coming and help people organise and prepare the game.

Don’t worry about being a newby. Everybody has to start one day, and we are very tolerant of less experienced players.


Nice to see you here!

I may or may not be this “viper” you are talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you on Thursday in the SpielBAR.

Yes, Spielbar, thanks!

Welcome to the forum!

Basically, what Simon said^^

plus: no reason to be nervous, just drop by in the threads and check out the games going on - whichever one interests you, there’s very likely gonna be a place for you and you won’t be a burden!
In fact, especially newbies are usually an enrichment I feel, so the more the merrier :wink: