Heya, roleplay community!

Hey folks!

My name is Bunti aka Fabian and I live near Vienna. I play DnD 4e since 2012 and tried DSA, Firefly and the Warhammer Fantasy RPG for oneshots. I’m interested to try other systems like Fate, 7th Sea or Iron Kingdoms, too, so count me (for the most systems) in.

I’ve read that there are weekly meetings at the SpielBar, so I hope that we see us there as soon as I survived all the exams. =D



Welcome to our community and we are looking for meeting with you in the near future in one of our open-table games on Thursday evening (as you already mentioned, in SpielBar).
Untill then, good luck with the exams!

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As said above, Thursday evening is a good place to get started and meet new people