Hey rpg friends, any beginners around Vienna 20th? :)

Hello everyone!

I’m Kat (F26), and I’ve been looking to play some DnD for a while now!

I’ve played a few (3) sessions online via roll20, so I have an okay-ish (hopefully :sweat_smile:) grasp of the rules and mechanics. Sadly though the group fell apart quite quickly due to different time zones, which made me think of looking for a rl group and I found this page!

Would anyone around the 20th district be interested in getting together to play? :smiley:

EDIT: I’d prefer to play myself, as I don’t have too much experience and I’m not sure I’d be able to brave DMing just yet (though with experience I’m sure that will change :smile:)

hey @Vheori welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Personally I would recommend you to visit one of our AL Friday’s, quite a few groups have been started from there, at the very least you’d meet people who enjoy playing D&D too :slight_smile:

Besides that if you simply want to start a group, you should mention wether you’re willing to DM or strictly would prefer to be a Player.

Thanks for the super quick reply @Tersidian!

Can just anyone show up to the Friday games? I was a bit unsure about making my first post on that thread going: Hey guys I’m new I’ll just show up :sweat_smile:

Oh, yeah that would have been a good addition to my post, whoops (forum posts, how do you write them properly)

yeah everybody is welcome, i (we) prefer if there is a quick announcement of intent in the thread for the specific date so we can try to make sure there will be enough games :slight_smile:, but we had a few walk-ins too

Alright cool, thanks!! :smiley: In that case I might show up next week depending on how it goes - and I’ll let you guys know beforehand :wink: