Hey, let's play!

Hi all!

You all seem like a swell bunch so given my current table’s usual can’t find the time curse, I’ve decided to join up! Name’s Ivan, moved to Vienna in 2021, originally from Croatia, 27 years old. I’ve been playing & GM-ing Pathfinder since something like 2012, and made the switch to 5e ~4 years ago, stuck as the forever DM for a good part of that.

I’m very much open to playing some regular sessions and would be very flexible with weekday afternoons/evenings & all of weekends, so do hit me up if you’re looking for players. Preference on something relatively “boring” (thinking in terms of Forgotten Realms setting, nobody in our party is a Verdan…) but would for sure be open to new settings & systems too :slight_smile:

Besides that, I already hit up the VALUE thread & joined the discord (“NemamZaBurek”), so see you around!


welcome :slight_smile:

see you on Friday

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