Hey guys!

Hello to everyone :wink:

My name is Florian and I’m from Austria, currently studying in Vienna and a big fan of Pen and Paper.

I noticed your forum during my last visit at Planet Harrys and read a little bit through your topics. The only thing i did not really could find out (maybe I just missed it) is my following question: Are you only playing tabletop-RPG’s or are you also playing Pen and Paper? If the answer is only tabletop RPG’s just tell me :slight_smile:

If you are also playing Pen and Paper I would like to find out more about you and maybe join your group. Nonetheless I’ll tell you a bit more about me :wink:

In my early youth I played Warhammer Fantasy Pen and Paper (2nd Edition) and also a bit of Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop. A year ago (I am now 23 years old) I started playing Pen and Paper again, this time Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Currently I am Gamemaster for two groups of Players but I also want to play as a player again and so I am looking for a group to join.
I am an experienced RPG, Pen and Paper and roleplayer and and I really enjoy playing in english :wink:

I am looking for a group to play on an adventure regularly (once a weak would be great) and I like long continous adventures (one of mine is now going nearly a year and is quite open world with many free deciscions my players can make) so one can really dive into the world and one’s character. I would prefer playing D&D 5e, because I have the most experience on this setting and all of the books and stuff for it. THe other setting i really like is Warhammer Fantasy, but I would also be open for an other medival-fantasy setting (I’m no fan over Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k etc Pen and Papers, although I like the Books and other games of them :wink: )

Greetings and looking forward to hopefully meet you

Flo aka Grenom

Hey Florian, welcome to the forums.
You shouldn’t worry, as tabletop RPG is synonymous with pen-and-paper RPG in english-speaking circles.
What you probably worried about was tabletop wargaming, which to the extent of knowledge we never partook in.

RPGs all the way!

Hi Flo,

As GJ already pointed out we’re mostly pen & paper aside frome some board- and cardgame excursions.

Our Thursday group is open to anyone, though an (early) announcement beforehand is most welcome, so there is a chance to be prepared.

Since this means a lot of fluctuations in the players we’re not so strong on the continuous adventure side and mostly rely on simple one shots. On the other hand this gives us the chance to experiment a lot and try out new or old or simply very unknown RPGs. (ever heard of “apocalypse world”, “power plush and plunder” oder “land of ogg”? - Most of us neither… Until we came here)

If this caters to your needs be welcome. The Thursday nights will usually be announced by Monday in the “Arrange a game” forum. Go have a look!

Not so much your taste for you’re more into something more continuous? Do not worry stranger! The “General RPG discussion” forum is home to several “looking for group” and “looking for players” threads. If none of them is to your liking, open your own one and see what happens. As far as I know many found their luck/group there.

Cheers Chylli

Thanks a lot for the quick reply guys!
May be a good chance I show up on some thursdays to play something new! And I followed your advice and put a lfg topic in the RPG discussion :wink: