Hey everybody, Dusan Here

Hey there! Name’s Dusan, I’ve been studying in AT for a few years now.

I always wanted to get into board games a bit more, but somehow never found the time or the right crowd. I hope that that’s about to change! I stumbled upon this forum by chance and it seems like I just might finally get into the hobby.

I’ve got a question though, are the games played in German or English? Despite my best efforts, my Deutsch skills are not that good :cry:

Well I hope I’ll get to know some of you guys soon!


English. This forum was created for those of us who don’t have the Deutsch to really play. Although these aren’t actually board games. Tabletop RPG’s are dice and paper games: think Dungeons & Dragons. But if you decide you want to explore RPG’s, we have a regular Thursday night group at Spielbar — a thread generally goes up by Monday or Tuesday each week.


Ah, my bad, tabletop RPGs are what I meant. I just figured it’s all covered with the term “board games”.

Alright, I’ll be on lookout for those, I might not be able to make it in February since evenings are usually reserved by my German course, but onwards from March I’ll be happy to join!

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What Siobhan said!

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