Hey all!

My name is Giovanni, 35 years old italian guy moved in Baden Bei Wien almost one year ago and starting to miss “The sound of Dice” XD

DnD player since when i was 10 (in love with the 3.0 edition, yes i’m old style :sweat_smile: ), also played a lot at World of Darkness, Kult and Degenesis. Recently more into boardgames and warhammer 40000 but still…I’ve found this forum and it is super nice! Hope to have the chance to join you guys sometimes :slight_smile: May your dice always roll a 20!


unless you play Star Trek Adventures or DUNE :grin:



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Or The Dark Eye

Welcome on board, Giovanni!

Theres a Dune RPG!?! :eyes: You got me curious. I’ve been on a Dune trip ever since I saw the second movie

yeah the current one by Modiphius, its release coincided with the 2021Dune film

it is more on the narrative side, and the players all play diff. members of the same house
(it is encouraged that the players build their own house)

(there was also an older RPG by Last Unicorn published in 2000, but I don’t have that)

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