Heroic Fantasy Group (new indie RPG system) has a space available

We’re a group playing a fantasy game in a new setting and game system. One of the group had to leave for personal reasons, so his slot is now available.

Anyone interested to experience a new game system, play in a new fantasy world?

At the moment we are playing most weeks on Tuesday evenings.

May I inquire about more details on setting and system?

Setting is a standard fantasy world with humans, dwarves, elves and gnomes as playable races.

System is an under-development indie system. The basic concepts (abilities, levels, character classes) should be familiar to anyone who has played something else, but there are a few twists that (hopefully) make gameplay more fluid and enjoyable.

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There’s more about the setting (work-in-progress) here:


If you read this consider yourself recruited.
Report to youre closest Inn and start adventuring :wink:

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Pjotr, we can offer that you simply come and join our next session to try everything out. I can give you a pre-generated character to play for the first time.

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Holymoly. It’s TODAY? Tuesday? At Spielbar? Usually I would have jumped the opportunity, but my evening is – sadly – already vouched for. Thanks for the invite. If you are still a player short next week, I will gladly sign in for a try-outl session. :wink:

No, it isn’t today. We don’t play at Spielbar (too loud), but at a private venue. Next date is not yet set due to players being on holidays. Might be next week.

Alright, keep me posted. In the meantime, do you want to hit me with a few details of the setting? General climate, political system and conflicts, religion, biosphere, folklore, general hazards, … just a few pointers would be nice for preparation.

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name of the farmers second cousin’s daughter’s first secret crush? :smiley:

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Yeah, especially that one. :smiley:

we all know the devil is in the detail after all! :smiley:

Aye, those darn details. They get me. Every. Single. Time. :wink:

We are right now between these two towns:


The farmers daughter doesn’t make an appearance, but you can get the names of the two butchers in that town from the Wiki. There really is already quite a bit of info there, and it is growing daily.


If the spot is still up for grabs, I am interested in joining.

Hello fellow adventurers!
We would like to meet you personally Wed 16/10/19.
Pls let us know if you can make it, time is usually around 18:00.
We will set a location if we know how many we are going to be.

I work up to 16:30 usually. So 18:00 works for me.

The date also looks good, have no issues with it.

I pledge my blade.

Brilliant. We’re looking forward to it.

Should I prepare characters or do you want to run through character generation quickly? It’s a lifepath system, so you don’t need to understand much about the game system to build a character, you can just make reasonable choices and it should work out.

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