HeroForge - Custom Minis

Hey, guys.
In the 5e campaign where some of us are playing we were talking about creating our own minis. I had known this site existed but never really ordered anything. And apparently it really grew over the time and now looks to be pretty awesome.

Link: https://www.heroforge.com

You can create a lot of minis. They are a bit pricey but can look great. You can save them, share them via link and the editor is quite cool, too. Check it out if you ever want to create your own char.

Here is a first draft of my current character in said campaign - just as an example:

(Doesn’t work on phones I believe)

Cheers, Tom

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Disappointed with the less than stellar choice for Warlock minis, I knocked this fella up in HeroForge.

I wanted to make the typical barbarian stereotype, but I can’t even find a simple fur over the shoulders…That’s kinda dissapointing… otherwise looks fun enough :slight_smile:

Since I come from the table-top side of the hobby (40k), a fitting physical representation of my character is pretty important to me.
I started doing the first minis there about a month ago. Going to order a couple of them next week or so.
And concerning cost: https://www.games-workshop.com/de-AT/Blood-Angels-Terminator-Librarian-2014
this is a 25€ generic model with practically no options included. Yet, you need about 30-100 miniatures to play 40k.
Buying one single miniature you can play ages with for 30 quid is, in my humble opinion, anything but expensive!

so here are 3 of my creations: Plain - the tabaxi swashbuckler, Thyron - the noble warlock and someone I still have to come up with name, but he is a artificer:

I actually do have two minis from Heroforge. While they are pretty snazzy they look out of place when put next to the pre painted D&D and Pathfinder minis because their proportions are a bit different. I mean they are 30mm while most minis tend to be 28mm. I guess its not a big deal but it kinda bugs me personally a bit. Also, if you go smaller in scale and make the arms and legs thinner they might break but then the ones i have are made of the high detail material they no longer have. So i cant speak for the new black plastic stuff they use.

Thanks for the info! I think the proportions thing is a valid point. Can you post a picture of the wizkids/heroforge side by side? The heroforge proportions do have this ‘heroic scale’ thing going on with the bigger hands/feet.

Also, from what I’ve read, the new premium black plastic is an improvement on the previous materials. But it’s just what I’ve read.

Im not good at painting things but i tried :smiley:


They look great!

Custom minis sound awesome!

Depends on your perspective, I guess. As a game component, it’s stupidly expensive. If you see minis as a hobby unto themselves, it’s probably fairly reasonable.

Isn’t that the problem with D&D minis in the first place?

Well even then: Unlike board games you can play the same game for years without it being too repetitive and if that mini lasts for a year, that’s 3€ a month.
You DO know what other hobbies cost, right? ^^

One with the guns is mine, the rest are D&D :slight_smile:

Heroforge is pretty awesome. Got a couple of steel miniatures from them :slight_smile: i’d love to get a bronze one someday, but bronze is just too expensive
a friend of mine tried a couple of different plastics from them, which are also nice, but i personally prefer the weight and overall feel of the steel versoins

Apparently they now sell you the STL file for 10 bucks so you can print them yourself after creating them.


cool, i didn’t know that :slight_smile: