Help with my warlock build

Hey everyone :wave:

So I’m currently working on my warlock build. Generally I want to create it in a way so that my char doesn’t end up empty without any spells or abilities to use. For this reason I wanna go pact of the tome for ritual spells plus I really like utility, so ritual spells are generally very nice for my builds. On top of that I’m looking for races, backgrounds, feats, invocations which give me extra spells, abilities etc. I’ll go over the different parts of the build so far including my current pics as well as options I’m considering. As an FYI, my focus is on T2 play, so Lv2.

Also generally if there is any way to get more ritual spells besides copying them into my book from other players, lemmy know.

Would love to get your input about it so far and maybe some recommendations. Since I’ve only been playing DnD since december 23. There might be a lot of tricks I don’t know yet. So let’s go :wink:


Pick: Eladrin (misty steps * proficiency bonus)

Considerations: Fairy (for enlarge + flavour), Genasi (for extra spells and cantrips), Shadar-Kai (same as Eladrin, though a bit edgy for my taste)


Pick: Courtier (for flavour + my choice of proficiencies and extra languages)

Considerations: ?open for suggestions


Pick: Genie (for 10min short rest and lots of other nice features, plus I really like the flavour), Djinni Subsubclass (for Seeming and Greater Invisibility)

Considerations: Undead (for phantom steed ritual spell), Fathomless (like the flavour, plus the closest to a frost mage)

Eldritch Invocations

Picks: Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast, Book of Ancient Secrets

Considerations: Eldritch Mind (for concentration checks), Devil’s Sight (very unique cause barely anyone can see in magical darkness, so I like it), Sculptor of Flesh (for polymorph utility)


Picks: ASI (for 20 Charisma)

Considerations: Resilient Constitution (for better concentration saves), Fey Touched/ Shadow Touched (for extra spells)

I would be grateful for any thoughts and suggestions :blush: :heart:


I would like to ask for what purpose you want to have the resources? Because depending on the answer there are different answers.

For example is it to have lot’s of different stuff to play around with or more in the direction of, even after some hard encounters may they be fights or other I still want to be able to contribute to what the party does?

However regardless of your answer. If you are ok with multiclassing, you class multiclass with sorcerer or other casters, so that you are less likely to run out of Spells if your party doesn’t like shortresting.

…is it to have lot’s of different stuff to play around with or more in the direction of, even after some hard encounters may they be fights or other I still want to be able to contribute to what the party does?

A bit of both. I don’t like the idea of casting two spells and then being “empty” until the next rest. On the other hand, just having lots of spells but only blasting everything for high damage is also not really my cup of tea. I really like utility :wink:

Having access to as many spells/ abilities as possible as well as both damage and utility, that’s what I’m going for.

If you are ok with multiclassing, you class multiclass with sorcerer or other casters, so that you are less likely to run out of Spells if your party doesn’t like shortresting.

Yes I know, multiclassing is always great. Yet I mostly prefer to stay single class, trying to squeeze as much out of it as possible :slight_smile:


First: build for fun. The target is to get a build you enjoy playing, while being as powerful as possible. So it’s definitely fine to not use the more optimized build, if it’s a better fit for what you imagine.

With that preamble: IMHO warlocks are best for multiclassing. 1 to 3 levels of warlock are mostly everything you should take from this class. In your case definitely 3 if you want the tome pact feature.

Assuming that you will stay on one adventuring day with your party per session and maybe do one and rarely two short rests at max… you will heavily relay on rituals and eldritch blasts. The 10th level genie feature heavily improves that, but you have to get there first… and still. There are probably better options. Since your goal is to not run out of resources, you can have all you listed by taking 3 levels of whatever warlock subclass fits best and then adding either Sorcerer, Bard or Paladin, or a certain combination of two or more of them.

One of my absolute favorite characters was a fathomless WL 3 with aberrant mind sorcerer 6 (didn’t got any further in that campaign). He was built for utility and there was hardly any situation he couldn’t be at least somewhat helpful for.

That’s just my opinion. Please do as you want! :slight_smile:

Dang… i was a bit too fast! Now that I know you don’t want to multiclass… please ignore what I wrote :sweat_smile:

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Ok, I’ll assume you have a way to look these up.

Race There is a bunch of them that give you resources, but looking at your picks you might also want to take a look at Astral elfs(aag) since they get both a misty step and a cantrip or Aasimar(mpmm) if you want some healing in your kit.

Backgrounds Honestly I think it is a wash, but I would look into custom backgrounds since they are completly RAW and you can customise them however you like them. Outlanders feature could be a standout since food is a resource aswell.

Invocations I personally like your picks because they make your EB a really good infinite resource. One thing I would note is I would stay away from Darkness plays as a strat if it can be helped unless you talked to your party before because it can mess them up.

Feats I really like res Con, because keeping your conctration gives you as much if not more value then an extra spell or to, just because you can keep it going in combat. Other feats that give you resources are Gift of the X Dragon and some racially restricted feats like Svirneblin Magic or Drow high Magic( note: sadly you can’t use custom lineage to access them because wotc hates fun)

p.s. cartomancer is a fun 4th level feat that gives you prestidigitation and let’s you cast one of the spells from your class list( so even if you don’t know them) without a spellslot, but there are some restirctions like you gotta pick the spell at the end of a long rest it has to be able to be cast with an action and it’s limited to the first 8h after the long rest.

Rituals Other then the common picks like identify and detect magic, alarm can be used in many ways for example figuring out any if any of your party members have been replaced. But also unseen servants can be really usefull if you have time to set them up, at worst they can feed healing potions or goodberries to people who got downed.

Sadly I’m not aware of any ways to get them easily other then finding books/scrolls.

This is all assuming V.A.L.U.E. rules ( which I only scimmed, but it should be fine)

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Regarding the Race, I consider Eladrin and Shadar-Kai to be among the top choices nowadays due to their free teleports which aren’t considered spells (which means they do not interact with stuff like Silence, Counterspell or being unable to perform spell components for some reason - and they do not interfere with your spellcasting, meaning you can teleport and cast a leveled spell on your turn). If you are a purely ranged build though, you likely won’t need to use them as often as a melee build. Fairy and genasi (partiuclary for Genie warlocks) are cool for flavor.

Fallen Aaasimar work great thematically as Undead warlocks, while Scourges and Protectors make good Celestial warlocks, at least in terms of flavor - they unfortunately have quite some overlap in features. The old aasimars from MTF transform as an action but deal significantly more damage, while the new ones from MotM transform at a bonus action (that might actually conflict with Form of Dread and spells like Hex, hence going for the old aasimar might be better), but deal considerably less damage.

But for the most POWER, I’d suggest starting with Custom Lineage, buying a 17 for Cha, bringing that to a 19 with your race and taking whatever feat you’d like - good ones are Warcaster, Metamagic Adept, Moderately Armored (unless you multiclass or go Hexblade for some reason), Cartomancer, Rune Shaper (three free spells per day on top of comprehend languages). At level 4, you can then pick a Cha half-feat like Fey-Touched (hey, there’s your free Misty Step!) and bring Cha to 20 with it. That way you have a 20 Cha stat, a feat and a half-feat by level 5.

Regarding the patron, both Genie and Undead are great choices - it depends on who you imagine the character to be. Both can be reflavored too, if you want - a Genie warlock can be fey-flavored (fairy wings/dust for flying, association with e.g. the winter court as a winter eladrin) for example.

Undead is particularly nice with Repelling Blast, as a feared enemy cannot move back after they got pushed away.

Genie is great all-around for utility - you get flight at level 6 and lesser wish at 14.

Assuming you use Eldritch Blast for attacking, a Genie warlock deals slightly less damage than an Undead one in Form of Dread until level 17 - 1d10 averages 5.5, your proficiency bonus increases to 6 at level 17. That means for most of the time, Undead deals more damage. Also, as the extra d10 is doubled, you always deal more damage on criticals as an Undead warlock.

In terms of builds, the Genie (Dao) Warlock is notable for getting Spike Growth - if you take Metamagic Adept (or do a sorlock multiclass), you can quicken Spike Growth and immediately start eldritch blasting, cheese-grating the enemy. Since Dao adds bludgeoning damage, you can even go further and pick up the Crusher feat for an additional 5 feet push.

In regards to invocations, you want to have Book of Ancient Secrets as a tomelock for ritual spells, and Repelling Blast. I actually consider Repelling Blast over all better than Agonizing Blast. Of course getting both Agoizing and Repelling Blast is a good choice once you hit level 5.

Devil’s Sight is very niche unless you want to go for a Darkness build, but that always risks obstructing teammates (technically, they would still attack with straight rolls, but not many know that and being blinded feels restricting even if it does nothing at the end. Also, certain characters love attacking at advantage and getting attacked at disadvantage - Ardurion looks at you :slight_smile:

Another invocation that many warlock players enjoy is Misty Visions for Silent Image at will. Can open the doors to tons of illusion shenanigans, assuming the DM is ready for that :sweat_smile:

Finally, if you enjoy eldritch horror, you want to take a look at Gaze of Two Minds. It is very niche, but when you can get it to work, it is awesome.

If you need more spells to scribe, you can always ask the professor :octopus: or Blackie :metal: - they have tomes you can scribe from if you want to either risk your sanity by reading things that should not be read or if you like to scribe your spells as metal songs.

If you still consider multiclassing, some combos that I really enjoyed mechanically and thematically were:

  • Genie Warlock / elemental-themed sorcerer (or wizard, that was with a houserule for Int-based warlocks though) - works great due to the bonus damage the warlock gets on EB being of your element, and you can nicely flavor your vessel accordingly - such as as a snowglobe if your character is winter-themed).
  • Undead Warlock / Conquest Paladin - all about fear, being a dread knight who rules the battlefield with violence and cruelty - are you secretly a Bhaalspawn thirsting for blood, can you control your urges? Funny detail: by using Form of Dread, Wrathful Smite, the Menacing Attack maneuver and the Knight of the Sword feat, you can force an enemy you hit with an attack to make up to four Wisdom saves or be frightened…
  • Fathomless Warlock / Aberrant Mind Sorcerer - probably the best thematically for an eldritch horror character, although the tentacle loses some appeal once you get more sorcery points to burn on quickened spells.
  • Celestial Warlock / fire sorcerer (in my case that was an UA Phoenix sorcerer, but Divine Soul or others work too) - you are the zealous sacred flame that lights the dark and cleanses the world from evil.
  • Hexblade / Paladin - I know that is not what you are going for, but it simply works too well together to not mention in a section about multiclassing warlocks…
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A few notes regarding the value system: if there is an updated version you have to use the updated version.

You cant choose resilient with custom lineage since you get a +1 in an ability score

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Gift of the Metallic Dragon sounds really cool, like a few free casts of shield (sorta) :blush: plus the flavour of manifesting wings protecting the char is really cool :smiley:

No worries :blush:

I went with Eladrin Genie Warlock :blush: though it was also really tempting to go with an edgy Shadar-Kai Undead Warlock :point_right: :point_left: :flushed: xD

I see a little Ardurion waving :wink:

:wink: :+1: I havn’t used custom lineage so far, I shy away from all things giving off the OP vibe, that’s also why my cleric ended up being of the grave domain instead of twilight, plus I really like the flavour :blush:

Thx for all your help :blush: :heart:

I’ll probably be back for some more with this build :+1:

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It is, I actually took it on my level 20 dragonborn paladin here in VALUE. Got quite a bit of use from it, as it can also be used to block attacks targeting your allies. I also like Gift of the Chromatic Dragon, particularly on fighters and barbarians, as it gives you a pseudo-Absorb Elements reaction and a little bonus damage.

Don’t cut yourself on that edge! :sweat_smile: :drop_of_blood:

Yes, indeed :smiley:

Says Istariel and picks one of the most powerful races and one of the most powerful warlock subclasses… But, that is fine, you are simply embracing your dark urge rather than resisting it - it is the urge to optimize your characters :smiley:

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let’s just say, I shy away from Ardurion level of power gaming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: