HELP! .... A world needs saving! [FULL]

Hallo together,

We are looking for enthusiastic players for a new D&D 5e campaign in a self-created world… And it is precisely this world that needs to be saved… so yes, it is designed as a epic and heroic quest and fitting to the beginning of the cold season, will start our adventure in the high, icy north. We will begin at level 2 and if everything develops according our DM’s plans, we might even go all the way to level 20. There is already an intro and a short description of the world, which we will of course be happy to send you if you are interested… but first perhaps a bit about the modus operandi…

We have decided to set the whole thing up in an online / real-life hybrid constellation. Since regularity is very important to us, we would like to hold short online sessions every week, because we have found that you really make progress there and always stay on the story. We would also like to hold a live session in Vienna once a month ( or more often if we like to). This is probably the criterion that significantly limits the choice of players, but the personal relationship and a social approach are also important to us. In our experience, not everything can be transmitted 1:1 digitally and since we are friends of good and extensive RP, we want to give it the necessary space in the live sessions.

So if you come from Vienna or close enough to make it to the live sessions, have a little time during the week in the evening and here and there, on a weekend , time for a longer adventure, then we look forward to reading from you …

Oh yes… the best at the end :blush: We are both longtime roleplayers with experience in different systems, but we are defenitely beginner-friendly and can deal with any level of experience and adapt accordingly… So everyone is welcome, from interested newcomers to hardened veterans.

But enough about us for now, write us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Best regards


Hii! I’m ghost and me and my friend have been looking to join a sorrow regular session for a while now! (We even have characters pre-planned and have a whole story behind them and stuff)

I don’t think either him nor me have had a proper group to play with ever/for a good long while but I wouldn’t call us beginners. Both of us go to VALUE every time we got the time so I don’t think we would be too much trouble

Either way, I would be really interested!

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Heya, I am the friend :blush: @TheUglyGhostOfEast and I went to our fair share of value games so we won’t need much hand holding. Since the both of us live in Vienna the live sessions would be very much possible and welcome.

I’m personally a big fan of RP and would welcome the chance to play my half of the character duo in your games. We played them a couple times at value games as well but have been looking for a permanent campaign as it opens more possibilities to explore the characters and allows for growth.

As for the campaign itself - I would love to read the intro and more about the world the campaign is set in.

And if you have any questions about us as players/humans feel free to ask :smiley:

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Hey Nox, Hey Ghost, thanxs for your messages. First I have to say I am overwhelmed by the response we got here, we didnt expect that much interesst… but perfect! So we would like to give everyone a shot to see who fits best. Therefore could you please give us your discord, so we could chat there a bit and get to know you better?

cheers Matt

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Hi, another Vienna resident happy to apply, for the campaign.

I’ve played roleplaying games for roughly a decade mostly 5e or dnd alike games but with occasional stints into more narrative based games.

While I know technically asked my Discord handle is: tarz._.

And I promise I have more of a personality when I’m actually talking to people I just find forumposts akward.

Hey Moritz, I am really sorry to say that at the moment we are complete… I didnt expect to get so much response… What I can offer is that we contact you if a spot opens up? Really sorry to dissapoint.

all the best Matt