Hellöchen Everyone :3

Hi there all you people,

My Name is Sarah and I’m generally always looking for new D&D and other Systems-Groups. I live in Vienna and am mobile by public transport.

I’m a long time The Dark Eye player, like for almost 20 years now, and have 10 years in Shadowrun. D&D is relatively new for me, but I’ve played and DMed some 5e and 3.5 campaigns.

So far I have a semi regular online D&D group and a regular DSA group also online… I’m mostly looking for offline groups.


Welcome! We have regular Friday night groups at two locations and a fairly regular Saturday daytime group at a third place - all these are open tables, just look for the thread with the date and say you’re coming along. It is a great way to meet folk and maybe spin off your own face-to-face game once you’ve found a few interested people.

Hi Sarah!

If you’re open to new systems, I also run a set of drop in Spire games:

Spire Drop in/Drop out Season 1 - (8/10) Graveyard Shift

This gives you the chance to try it once or stick with it for multiple sessions.

Looking forward to bumping into you somewhere! :smiling_face:

Alternatively, if you’re a 20-year vet and want to join a D&D game with an old school feel, drop me a line.

Welcome aboard!