Hi there!
I’ve been in Vienna for quite a while, but only found this site recently. I haven’t had much experience with Dungeons and Dragons since convincing my little brother to play 2nd Edition with me when we were kids, but I’ve tried out Og: The Caveman RPG, The Laundry Files, Paranoia, Earthdawn, Star Wars, Werewolf, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, probably a few more that I’ve forgotten, and I absolutely love FATE. I’m working on my skills as a GM, but I really miss playing in a game, and I’m looking forward to joining a Thursday night game session. I’m looking forward to meeting some more fellow gamers!

welcome :slight_smile:

When you want to show up, or even dm a scenario @ our weekly Thursday night bar game group, just post in the relevant Thread (which you can find in the “General Board”), so we can organize things.

The SpielBar is in the 8th district
The adress is: Lederergasse 26