Hello :)

I’m Simon, 22, just arrived in Vienna, from France.
I’ve been roleplaying for a few years now, both as DM and player, and I’d very much love to keep on doing that in Vienna.
There seems to be a great community here, and I’ll post in the AL thread I think :smile:
If there is anything I should know about this forum, please tell me :slight_smile: or I’ll learn along the way.

Anyways, thanks for having such a forum, and allowing people to play together, that’s really great.

Have a nice day


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@H is basically the messiah, thats what you have to know.

and @Neil is the emperor, at least when he’s not devouring brains :smiley:

Bienvenue en Autriche :smiley: the only important thing is not to take the two boys above too seriously!

you wound me, @Neil really is the emperor i have pics that prove it … and i think they should be on the board somewhere too (in this thread!)

I’ve been called many things, but never …

(Totally putting that on a t-shirt now.)

And bienvenue, Simon! Hope you enjoy the city and the games, and look forward to rolling some dice with you!

Thanks very much to everybody! :smiley: This first evening was great.
(Although I still gotta figure out how this Adventure League stuff works).
I’m so glad being able to keep on roleplaying.

Hey @Simm, cava? I was Nork, the Pebble collecting Barbarian at your table :sunglasses:
I would love to keep playing too, it was great fun! I sadly can’t come on April 5th (which I assume would be the next session) but I will be there more reliably in the weeks after!

These should be the logsheets our table told us about. I am googeling around to figure out how to fill these and how to use the points we got right now :slightly_smiling_face:

Shoutout also to @Toni and the whole table for making my first experience with AL tons of fun!!

@H is basically the messiah, thats what you have to know.

Actually, on the thread @Tersidian mentioned (by the way, thanks for finding that!) there is a proof that @gridshadow holds up your “(un)holy book”

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Hey! It was a pleasure to meet you :wink: (I assume you know I was Elvenar)
Really looking forwards to playing with you again, and continuing our adventure together.
Thanks a lot for the character sheets, and these logsheets, I’ve been looking for them.
I’ll be there mostly every Friday I hope, so see you again soon.

And yep, thanks to Toni, the welcome was great.

Have a nice week.

Thank you for the compliment and let me return it by saying I really liked the way you made use of what was happening, it was very entertaining.

Thank you, it was a pleasure to play with all of you.

Looks like I will be able to come on Friday after all, see you there!