Hello World

Hi there, I’m Felix and I’m looking for groups to play DnD one shots or other RP/strategy-games like Call of Cthulhu or Bolt Action. I’m open to play in German or English as well as digitally or in person. I’ve already played DnD with friends several times but I’d still very much consider myself a novice. That being said I enjoy watching game sessions on channels like these: (I’m not affiliated with them of course) https://www.youtube.com/@GamesNight https://www.youtube.com/@Mystery_Quest

As for my playstyle I usually prefer riddles and nice self-contained stories over long running sessions incessant combat and levelling up characters. That being said I’m of course aware how much work on behalf of the game’s master is needed to create elaborate stories so really I’m happy for any opportunities to play that may arise. :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy playing!


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You might want to check out our weekly VALUE games, which are one-shots or as you described it, short and self-contained stories, open for everyone to join. They happen on fridays and saturdays. Here is the thread for tomorrow’s VALUE games, just post there to sign up; you will also find links to the VALUE rules there. There are quite a few tables with rather roleplay-heavy games and only a little bit of combat, but mine is not one of them as I enjoy challenging combat quite a lot, both as a player and as a DM :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for the reply! I was on holiday for the weekend so I couldn’t take part this time but I’ll check it out for sure. :slight_smile: