Hello, Servus, and Bonjour!

Hello everyone!

I’m going to move from Germany to Vienna in a couple of months, and I’m looking for some people to play RPGs with :smiley: I will be here in Austria on/off on a week-by-week basis until I finally move here permanently at the end of March or beginning of April.

I only have experience with D&D 5th Edition so far (got hooked by a colleague at work) and I’m enjoying it very much so far (DM’ed for around 2 years; currently playing myself in something longer than a one-shot for the first time, as a Half-Orc Oath of Redemption Paladin)! But I’m not averse to trying out something different either.

Ideally I would like to join (or help form) a regular group for a long-term campaign. I can DM (there is this Out of the Abyss book on my bedside table that is calling to me at night to drive insane some PCs :wink: …), but I would love to play as well (itching for a Circle of Shepherd Druid or Tabaxi Swashbuckler ^^).

I will be living in Klosterneuburg (working at the IST Austria), so if anyone is from out there and wants to meet up, that would be amazing! I read that Thursdays in SpielBar is a good time and place to meet others - is this happening this week as well? And what’s usually going on there - one-shots, flexible campaigns one can join, which systems, how many players/rounds, etc.? I’m still in Vienna until Friday this week, so I might be able to check it out.

Hope to meet some of you soon! Until then: play more games! :smiley:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this thursday is happening, usually someone starts a thread for it
the systems that are played there vary a lot, and it is mostly one shots

I’m pretty close to Klosterneuburg but currently i have no time to join yet another game, but i’m sure you’ll find many people willing to start a group (especially if you’re willing to DM :smiley:), try asking in the #arrange-a-game subforum

Welcome to the area. There should be a game this Thursday at Spielbar. Several of us from last week indicated we‘d be there — most likely for a Call of Cthulu session.

But there might also be some others planning to come with ideas about another game as well.

Hope to see you there.

Oh, is @H GM’ing?

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Sounds cool :slight_smile: Are there usually any pregen characters available from the respective GM, for people unfamiliar with the system to jump in, or should I look into this beforehand and make a character?

pregens usually, it’s one shots for that pregens are usually easier :slight_smile:

The GM either provides pre-gens or, if it’s @H or @Simon, quickly walks you through making a character good enough for a one-shot. For CoC, you’d need at least a couple. H thinks character creation should never take more than ten minutes, which is why his one-shots are usually Cthulhu. Because only in Cthulhu does character creation take ten minutes.

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Sounds good, I hope that I will make it :slight_smile:
You start at 19:00 usually?

Well, I think I could make a D&D 5E character in 2 min if pressed, but I get your point :wink: - I heard that you can go through quite a number of chars in CoC ^^

We usually meet around 7, and then shoot the breeze for a bit before the games actually begin.

And can’t you make a one-shot character in 10 minutes for any system?

Thats true H, and I look forward to seeing your 5th ed Shadowrun one shot character.

No pressure, you have 10 minutes.

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I guess so, but for some it might be easier than for others - Shadowrun or D&D 3.5 enthusiasts might go berserk at the mere suggestion :wink:

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No sweat.

It’s only for campaigns that you have to put in the time if you don’t want to suffer through months of frustration because you didn’t put enough points in Peripheral Vision, the cube root of which factors into the derivate of your Initiative score.

For one-shots, it’s all good.

Oh, and welcome, SheVa.

Sure. :smiley:

Or Warhammer.

Well, I think Warhammer is maybe possible if you know what you are doing - the main issue we have every time we try is the fact that everybody needs to roll on tables and look up information in the rulebook - and usually there is only one copy; hence, you have to kind of rotate around the players.

Also, hello @SheVa, we didn’t mean to hijack your hello thread. Hope to see you soon.

no worries :slight_smile: