Hello RPG Community Vienna


My name is Nicolas and i play Roleplaying games since… wait a minute, i can not call that playing. I was dm for about 5 hours in a Pathfinder campaign. That´s it. I would love to play D&D 5e or Pathfinder, hopefully as player because i would like to experience a good GM.
At the time I am pretty young for my hobby. (close to 15)
All people in my Age are not interested in this hobby and think it is ´´Childish´´(how ironic).
I have mediocre to good english skills and would also love to talk wit some native speakers(=

PS: I love it that this site is in English(=


Well hello Dr.Zucker^^
I welcome you to this site and hope someone will find a space in their group for you.

Also there are “meetings” nearly each Thursday but I do not know how much good they will do you since they are rather long and I know my parents wouldn’t let me get into a bar full of nerdy strangers xD

BUT if you can make it I bet you will have a blast^^; each Thursday has its own thread


My Parents are pretty cool about it. I even got to host a 3 hour session (my only real life one) with adult stranger´s.
They are pretty chill about it. I will try to visit one day. Probably next week(=


welcome to the community, hope you’ll find a group that matches your wants and your schedule :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community.
As mentioned, we have regular sessions on Thursdays, although they tend to get interrupted during the holidays.
D&D is VERY popular these days (for good reasons) and we have new groups popping up like myconids every few weeks


I really can’t commit to DM yet another D&D campaign but I would be happy to DM some one shots when I come back if you still haven’t found a group


That would be very kind(=
I found a meet up in simmering that is on Thursday, so now i do not know where to go )=
Next Thursday everyone is probably doing some Christmas stuff, sooo i could come to you this Thursday or some other in December or January.


But do they play in English? And have players from all over Europe and a large bit of the rest of the world? And if yes… can you let us know? I mean, variety: it’s the spice of gaming.


As @Simon mentioned, mid-to-late-December sucks for attendance at Spielbar (and in most of my regular campaigns) as so many people are visiting home and/or having friends visit here. And this coming Thursday is also Star Wars. But we should be back to normal definitely by January 18, if not by the 11th.


I am to 98% sure there are only people from Austria and we play in german.
And SpielBar looks like it is only 16+ (because drinks).
I would love to visit you(=


actually spielbar’s mainpurpose is not serving alcohol, so the viennese youth protection laws would allow a person between 14 and 16 years to stay there until 1:00 am (well you’d have to leave sooner, as you shouldn’t be out at that time without an adult anyways and you would need to get home somehow too :smiley: )


That is perfect (=


seeing as @Sarah liked my post up there, she’s the one exception to it, one day she’ll drink poor spielbar dry (if she ever gets the funds to do that)


Are you saying my main purpose is to drink? I feel offended and not only because I do in fact have the funds to drink the Spielbar dry. 98% of the reason for my attendance is to play and hang out. :grin:


it’s not like drinking excludes the possibility of hanging out and/or playing :smiley:

and to the feeling offended part, the truth hurts i’ve been told :slight_smile:


Well there you go. I’ve also been told that I am more fun when slightly tipsy.
And the truth does indeed hurt but that wasn’t the truth so much as slander:smiley: