Hello from a Newbie!

Hello everybody!

I’m a 21 year old Newbie in the realms of Pen & Paper RPG. I have never played any kind of Pen & Paper, only watched streams and videos - and got myself pretty enthusiastic about it. I’ve looked most (but not very much) into D&D but I would love to try out a few different things, just to see what catches my attention most.

From what I’ve gathered there are regular meetings at thursday? I would like to join maybe the next possible time, just to see it “live” - rather to watch first than to play, just to the get the basics of the game going for me, if that makes any sense?

And because I’m not all too good at introductions, I will keep it at that for now! Have a nice day everybody!


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Hello and welcome.

As you’ve seen we have a fairly regular meet on Thursdays (7ish at the Spielbar) in which we play “one-shot” games - so the actual game/system varies from week to week. It gives a good chance to try different things and I think it’s good for experiencing RPG for the first time.

We usually have a forum topic posted some time during the week before - just post in the topic if want to show up (gives us an idea how many are likely to be there)

Here is the one for tonight:

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Welcome Parsley! As @gridshadow pointed out, Thursday’s are a great opportunity to meet some forum members at the Spielbar (in fact, you may actually be there right now :smiley:) Thanks for dropping by and feel free to start a topic on whatever takes your fancy.