Hello fellow adventurers

Hi everyone, My name is Marcin and together with my girlfriend Iulia, we would love to dive into the wonderful world of Tabletop games and specifically D&D. We are complete beginners and have no idea where and how to start. I have some experience in watching D&D like Critical Role, D20 and someone might know the Rocketbeans Pen&Papers . We would love to join a group maybe and help us guide through the very complex world of RPG. Can’t wait for your replies! Have a great weekend! Marcin & Iulia


Welcome! People are super friendly, just sign up for a weekly game and you’ll be set :slight_smile:

Hello, A good place to start are the weekly open dnd games under the name VALUE. You can meet a lot of people there and they will be happy to teach you.

Thank you for the replies! We will come by to one of VALUE games. We are very looking forward to it!