Hello fellow adventurers!


My name is Marcos and I live and work in Vienna. I have been playing roll games since high school; AD&D, Cyberpunk, D&D3.5, Pathfinder,…

I was looking now for a group to play, drink beer, burn kobolds alive and cross THAT door of the Tomb of Horrors altogether holding hands.

See you in the dungeons!


We have an open game night every Thursday night at the Spielbar, starting around 7. It’s one-shots every time, anywhere from 1-3 groups depending on the number of people who show up. People like to try out new stuff and, even, if more people show up than expected, improv their way through. But you would be absolutely welcome to join. It’s a great way to meet the players and GM’s, and possibly burn some kobolds (or whatever they come up with).