Hello everyone!

Hi I am 30 years old (he, him) and I got into DND around one year ago, when I binged all of Dimension 20’s Fantasy High have since started DMing for a group of friends. We finished Dragons of Stormwreck Isle rather quickly and are now running an Eberron Campaign that I have been devising for the past few months.

Happy to be here! :slight_smile:


Welcome! There has been lots of activity recently - campaigns starting, new folk turning up - what are you looking for yourself?

Thank you! Great question! Since I have been in the DM seat a lot I wouldn’t mind being a player for a change, but also since I am eager to get better as a DM, I would also be happy to help a group who needs one.

Primarily, however, discover more what DND has to offer. I appreciate that it has weaknesses and that other systems exist, but I think I want to see more from 5e before exploring other TTRPGs.

Neat - well if you want to get more games in, stop down to the regular Friday night slots - you’ll see them tagged as ‘bad pun’ + VALUE on the forums - we usually run 3-5 tables and they are a great opportunity to get some games in. I’ll be along to those myself in the new year.

If you want to run stuff - you’ll see a couple of folk have done campaign audition calls - or @bajkula and a pal are looking for a DM so you’ve got a start there already.

People will come to other time slots too - we have a less regular Saturday brunch slot at Sagewerk that has been a bit quiet recently, Saturday or Sunday afternoons at Pickwicks have gone well and Saturday nights at Schlupfwinkel also worked.

Basically - if you’ve got a time slot that suits you, you should be able to pull in some people.

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Thanks! I have no experience with AL or VALUE, but it sounds great.

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