Hello everyone!

Hello everyone;

My name is Halit, I’m 25, and I’m from Turkey. I’m a student here in Vienna.

I arrived almost a year ago, took me quite a while to settle I guess. I couldn’t find time to invest in role-playing over the past months but finally lack of rp-ing hit me, I googled and found this forum.

I have experience in D&D 3.5, and couple of World of Darkness settings, both as a player and as DM/ST. I’m open to learning new settings/systems as well.

I’m looking for gaming groups, to share stories and most importantly to have some creative fun. I would prefer WoD over D&D if both offered but I enjoy them equally.

Cheers all! looking forward to meeting ya!

Welcome to the forums, Delimolla. I hope you like it here :slight_smile:
Are you more interested in the Player or GM role?

Thank you GJsoft!

GM-ing’s a bit more demanding (more so with the language issue) so I’d prefer Player role due to the nature of my schedule. Though if it comes to that I wouldn’t back off from GM-ing either :smiley:

Hi Ya’ all.
I am from Scotland, but have been here for 1 8/12 in Vienna. Its a bit rough getting it together, I am looking to join a a group here though. My profile lists what I would like to play.
I know I am not young, but I still feel young. I enjoy having a beer while I play, and to have a good game.

Hello Allen, welcome!

I hope you find a game soon! In the meantime, we have semi-regular weekly games at local bar, you can check that out in the thread “drink, conversation and space station”.

Where are you from in Scotland? I lived for about a year in Stirling one of my favourite places on earth…

Well, not sure about the “good game” bit, but if all the whippersnappers around here start to get to you, just drop me a line. :slight_smile: