Hello everyone, new roleplayer here

Hej my name is Patrick and i have been looking for a roleplay group for a while, unfortunately my friends are not really into it. I never rpd with pen and paper before but larped a little.
So how do i get started ^^ ? would be open for any universe

Hey, there and welcome. To get started, with physical pen and paper and not online you might want to check out the games that exist and choose your favorite. The obvious choice might be D&D 5e due to availability and scale. Then you can buy the dice and find a game that welcomes newbies to join.

showing up (preferable with a post in the corresponding thread) on one of the open game nights at thursday in Spielbar is always a good start, there usually are one shots played, sometimes campaigns are formed

openeing a thread to search for a group in the #arrange-a-game board isn’t a bad idea either (include when you usually are available if at all possible)

Thank u guys, appreciate the tips.