Hello all!

My name is Danny and I’m fresh to Vienna direct from Seattle, USA and looking for my fellow gamers and future friends!

My pen and paper experience as a player lies in D&D 3.5 but I would love to try out new systems and learn a thing or two about the other games that exist out there. I have heard rumors of a Thursday game night and would LOVE to attend and meet some of you :slight_smile:

I’m also currently in the process of creating a new D&D campaign that I hope to begin running some time in November/December? So hopefully there are some of you out there looking to join a fresh game and help a brand new DM earn his stripes!

Thanks so much for having this resource available and I can’t wait to meet you! :smiley:


currently there is the casual rpg Thursdays group at the Spielbar

We typically play one-shots, but it is a great place to get to know each other and maybe you can find some guys for your campaign
(will you use the 3.5 D&D rules?)

just post in the relevant thread to let us know and help us organise things

Yeah, that’s how I see these games, too. :smiley:

Hi, Laeforin!

Is it gonna be a 3.5 campaign? If so have you ever tried Pathfinder?

Or 5th Edition?

Hello and welcome!

Here for about ten minutes, and already drafted into the edition wars … :smiley:


So it would seem :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to take the easy way out and say that I don’t play by any particular edition all the time
My personal preference is very much story-centric and I like to put a lot of emphasis on strong roll playing. While I do utilize 3.5e as my go-to resource for rule disputes, my sessions will consist of other incorporations from 4e and 5e and maybe some other house rules, game systems, etc. (hard to say exactly what it will be like as I haven’t DMd before.)
I’m not a hard-ass about rules, I just like to be the storyteller, to let the party do whatever they will, and let the dice decide the rest!

[TL:DR] Mostly 3.5e, other rules as necessary.