Hello again. This is a Gloomhaven topic by the way

I have introduced myself but don’t expect anyone to remember me as due to work hours I have been unavailable on weekdays from 1400 to 2300. So let me reintroduce myself:

Hello there, my name is Kostas. I was born in Greece and for the past year or so work in Vienna.
I normally work in the morning but recent and temporary developments had me working only afternoon for some time. I have joined 2 sessions of gaming through here. One where we looked for a murderer in a whodunit and one where I channeled my inner H. Solo in a space session.

Now that we got re-reacquainted here is what I originally wanted to say, so that you don’t think this belong in the Introductions :slight_smile:

Just recently, due to legalities and shitty people, I was able to get my hands on the Gloomhaven tabletop game. It looks like an RPG, smells like an RPG but is not an RPG. I haven’t play it, just once, although I did buy it two or more years ago. So I was thinking if others are interested we can create a mini team and gather somewhere to play.

The maximum amount of players is 4, but should work with 3 I guess. Info about the game you can find here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/174430/gloomhaven

If there is interest, we can go for it. Otherwise, I will let it gather dust next to The Legend of Drizzt :stuck_out_tongue:

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