Im from austria and now living in vienna for like 8 years or so.
Ever since moving i am having a hard time finding a rpg or boardgaming group.
Due to work reasons me and my bf are looking for a bi weekly weekend rpg/boardgaming group.

we are not set on any games in particular since no matter what rpg you play, the quality of the game if very dependend on the GM and the players.
Same goes for boardgames even though i would like to throw in the occasional “more complicated” game.

A group of people is meeting pretty much every Thursday at Spielbar. Players and GMs change very often, so do the games and systems - but it’s the best start to find other players if you are looking for a group.
There is a dedicated thread for every Thursday meeting: link
If you want to participate just let people know in the appropriate thread.

AFAIK there are actually some people looking for a group at the moment. Just check the most recent posts on the forum.