Have you ever done something in honor of a deceased loved one?

I am crying as I am writing this… :sob:

my beloved sister passed away yesterday, fatally wounded in a bicycle accident. I learned what happened right when I came home after yesterday’s VALUE games.

Among the many things that are going through my head right now is if I should do something to honor her as the awesome player she was in my D&D games. I have her characters she played in my games and the magic item I homebrewed for her RotFM character I planned to give her next session… :sob: :

Has had anyone here ever had to deal with a similar situation, and if yes, did you do anything in your D&D games to honor the deceased loved one? And what did you do?

Thinking of quests, turning her characters into NPCs, homebrewing spells, doing something with that magic item, getting art or painted miniatures for her characters…


My condolences for your loss :pray:t5:

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My heartfelt condolences! I wish you all the strength in the world during this hard time :black_heart:

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I‘m aware, that anything I could write pales to mere platitude in the light of your loss. My heart bleeds for you, mate. Please do not hesitate to ask, if there‘s anything I can do for you, in this trying time.

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OMG :frowning:

my deepest condolences
met her once,
she joined with a Leonin druid and was amazed on how well you have memorized all D&D rules,
she seemed to be a joy

When I was a teenager, there was “that munchkin guy” in our rpg-circle.
He was good natured but could also be a bit of annoying sometimes.

When he sadly passed away far too young from an illness,
we created a D&D NPC to honour his memory,
that is very much inspired by him as well as being named after his nickname.

Since then we drop that character in an adventure from time to time
– sometimes as a sidevillian, or as a character the group has to talk to.

Me and my brother also ran a game when our father passed away.
Was a deadly oneshot that burned through tons of PCs (something in the higher two digits).
– but this all was more us venting and dealing with grieve & loss, than honoring him in a game.


I’m so sorry, Arthilas. I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling. Sincerest Beileid.