Halloween game?

Who’s up for a Halloween game?

Thrills! Scares! Truly terrifying puns!

Past games have featured the neverending terrors of … the Upstairs Hall, earnest discussions as to whether milk from undead cows is vegan, and a truly desperate gambit to play in … British Mode!?

What spooky surprises await in this year’s game? You’re warmly invited to find out … if you dare!

Unfortunately, I’ll be stuck at a meeting on the 24th (grumble grumble complain), and the 31st is reserved for trick-or-treating, so we’ll have to stray from our traditional Thursdays this year. What say you to Wednesday the 30th?

(No rules knowledge required. A bonus on all dice rolls will be given to those arriving in costume. Some restrictions may apply. The RPGV Halloween game is sponsored by Yubble.)

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And here I’ve been sitting for two years thinking it was sponsored by Native Villagers. Anway, I’m In.

i will try to be there, but i can’t promise anything this time :frowning:

Native Village is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yubblecorp.

Not sure if I’ve time on Wednesday, but I’ll try to come.

Wednesday shouls be fine for me.

Sounds fun

just a quick info: i brought the topic up with @Parsley today and she marked it in her calendar as a maybe, so you know maybe she’ll be there :smiley:


Incidentally, this game is open to any number of players. The more, the merrier!

I’m in! Where is it, and what do I need to bring (other than a costume)?


I’m sorry, should’ve added the following:

Spielbar, Lederergasse 26, 1080, 7 pm, Oct. 30.

No need to bring anything except good spirits, although pencil and paper might be useful.

See all of you there!

Coming! :grinning:

I guess dice and a character could be useful too, right?

Which level should our characters be?

what character would you try to prepare, you don’t even have any info on the system being played? :smiley:

Oh, I was assuming DnD 5e… ;). Didn’t even notice that the system hasn’t been specified yet

Definitely will try to be there!

Welcome to 5eVienna.

You can’t scare me! I’ll try to be there.

P. S. : please don’t bring spiders