Halloween Game

I’d like to run some kind of Halloween game this year. Possibly on the evening of the 30th, definitely of a spooky nature. Would anybody be interested?

We were actually talking about that earlier, and the idea certainly has appeal to it…

I was gonna start a subject about halloween.

sorry to go off topic but has anyone got any ideas for a party? going to any good ones this year? I spent a small fortune on my proton pack so it’s getting worn again this year! :smiley:

A friends of mine wants to make a halloween party, but I need to talk to her about the details first, before I promise you guys anything.

KH and I, being old people who have to be at work at 8am, and who don’t generally get home until 6pm, would prefer a game and/or party on the weekend prior. But were that to occur, we would both be in*.

*KH would like you to know that my costume has to be slutty enough before he fully commits.

The 1st of Nov is a holiday, so no worries about work.

Yes, but the 31st (Halloween itself) isn’t – we could do evening of the 31st.

Chances are, I’ll be trick-or-treating on the 31st. :sunglasses:

Well, here are my suggestions:
I can volunteer to run a special Halloween games. Now, as usual, I have several ideas…

*I had that fun, silly idea for a Pathfinder one-shot that sprang in my head a few weeks ago to fill in a gap in my regular game… I think I can make a silly fun game out of this… Not particularly Halloween themed, but, I think, good fun…

*A few years back, I wrote a Halloween one-shot for D&D 3.5 and never had the opportunity to run it. I could very easily adapt it for Pathfinder. Again, though, it is more on the easy fun side than actual horror (I am actually not a very big fan of horror myself).

*I have never DMed Call of Chtulhu, but I have played it a handful of times and the mechanic is actually pretty simple and close from Pendragon, that I have DMed. So, I believe I can run a CoC game. now, here again, I have two options:
-A less serious take on it… (which is, as you’d guess, the take that comes naturally to me and more in line with my personal humanist philosophy…)
-A more dark and disturbing tales. Something that takes itself more seriously and delve more into adult themes… I have a few ideas about that I could try and make a story out of. These are not my usual “themes” (which tend to involve more explosive kobolds and flatulent beasts of burden), but it would be a nice opportunity to try new things…

So, there it goes, interested people should speak out and tell whichever option seems more attractive to them…

One week to go until All Hallow’s, and once again, there seems to be considerable interest in some gaming but little in the way of concrete plans. Thoughts?

Simon’s ideas sound fun; alternatively, I was thinking of running a game of Grimm, complete with pumpkins.

Knock knock. Trick or treat…

both KH and I would love a Halloween game. But we can’t play on the 30th. Sadness.