Hail, Travellers!

In search of a guild of respectable adventurers…

I’m Luc, originally from the UK, but living in Austria for 10 years. 36 yrs old, and been playing RPGs for more than half my life.

I’m looking for a group for the winter months (October 'til March or thereabouts - limit being July!) - I work the summer season as a waiter and thus have little time then.

I’m mostly a fan of Medieval Fantasy - D&D, Das Schwarze Auge and, of late my favourite, Pathfinder. I’ve played a good bit of Shadowrun too, and tried a multitude of other systems from Cthulu to Ars Magica.

Despite various more or less successful attempts at GMing, I am much more comfortable as a player, and would prefer to remain so for the benefit of all!!

Oh, and I live near Lake Neusiedl, but am happy to drive in to Vienna for a solid few hours, or better a full day of play.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hello and welcome!

First of all, I don’t know if there is a permanent group currently recruiting, but I have seen several people looking for just that in recent weeks, so you guys might be able to set up a brand new group…

Apart from that, we have a fairly regular game going on in Thursday. System and DM rotate and, being on Thursday evening, it only runs for about 4 hours each time, so your travel to play time ratio might not be worth it…

Best of luck I’m your quest, though…

Hi there Luc, and a very big welcome to the forums!
Like Simon said, as far as groups go there aren’t really any regular group meetings happening at the moment. The Thursday night meeting at the Spielbar in Vienna is brilliant though and you’re more than welcome to come along at any time.

Whereabouts in the UK are you from exactly?

Hi All,

I’ll give a thought to the Spielbar. Four hours is worth the drive, if I like the system. If anyone is interested in a new group, though, perhaps they will get in touch. Oh, and I can play just as well in German, if that is an issue.

I’m originally from Sevenoaks, in Kent. No links to there any more, though, just lots of memories!!


Dang. That pretty much rules us out.

But if you can overlook the lack of respectability, just shell out a high passage (since you brought up Traveller) and drop by the Spielbar one of these Thursday nights. Medieval fantasy should be back on the agenda fairly soon …