Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is coming out!

Some Videos about the game:

I am trying to get the people that play, make a character on this server: “Drakkars Lake” as it will be the one I’ve already sent a mass info out. I hope you can spread the word even if you don’t play yourself.


Any thoughts on race and profession?

I’ll start with a human mesmer for sure, and hope it is going to be my main.
But most of the classes interest me, so I’ll try alll of them when I have time.

Huh, the mesmer sounds interesting - I’m not even sure what it corresponds to in other MMOs?
The Asura are cute, and almost worth starting with, just for that amazing city :slight_smile:

my guess would be some kind of illusionists… You know “Mesmerizing” used to be a synonym for hypnotism…

Yeah, but i dont know those in other MMOs. BUt I haven’t played that many, so :wink:

Yep, I can’t think of any of those either… Maybe in DDO as illusionists are fairly common in D&D… Or maybe, if you stretch, the psy controler in city of heroes… but it is a stretch…

They say that Mesmer is a specific GW class, but illusionist comes close.

From Franz Mesmer, who invented it.

Late to the party as usual…but! ta-da! I went to Saturn to buy it just after work. Thought this would be quicker than downloading it…but, it hasn’t installed ANY of the files from the DVD(s) it just looks to be downloading the entire updated game… #firstworldproblems who’s up for showing me how to play this this week sometime?

I remember it taking forever to install. Plus, you got at least one major update since then…

Sure thing, anytime but Wednesday should be manageable for me…

Cheers Simon. Wednesday was the day I was thinking actually…Thursday I’m going to see ahemone ofahem THE BEATLES at the Ernst Happel…friday possibly then, or sometime over the weekend…Looking forward to it though!

7Gig it’s downloaded…30% done. jesus.

It’s quite heavy…

Have fun with sir Paul, say hello for me.