Grundwehrdiener looking for Pathfinder group in Vienna

I’m 20, male and relatively new to Pathfinder.

I’m looking for a group on Fridays. I’m still in the austrian army for about another 4 months, but I get off duty around 3PM.

I’d love a group inside Vienna, because I have neither a car nor a driver’s license.

I do have the Core Rulebook and a finished sheet for a Human Figther, with a little addition from the Ultimate Combat addon book.

I’ll probably ask a lot of questions at the beginning, since I have never played in a Real Life game, only over the internet and only Fallout there, but I’m a quick learner.



Hey FloRad! Welcome to the Board.

Sorry to say that my own group is full right now and that Friday is one of the worst timeslots it seems.

Keep looking around though, the one or other One-Shot might be played on a Friday.

Have fun!

Hm, okay. Although a One-Shot isn’t really what I’m looking for, it surely can’t hurt to get a hang of the rules. I can’t do saturdays because then I have my Fallout Equestria games. I could maybe do Sundays but that depends on when the sesseion starts/ends and how I can get back to the base.

But thanks anyway.

UPDATE: I’m now also free on Saturday afternnons and evenings.

Push! - Still looking for a group!

sorry, can’t offer a Pathfinder group :frowning: but hey, always nice to have a fellow brony around! :smiley:

(didn’t know about Fallout Equestria before, but man that looks hilarious^^)

good luck with finding a group soon :slight_smile:

Sorry here as well, my schedule and my gaming group are full already.

It’s okay. I think I found a group. I’m just waiting on confirmation and the topic to be put up here.

Gratz! Let us know how it went!