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Hey Guys.

My Friend Robert and I are looking for a regular group to play D&D 5e. A German Speking Group would be great but we also would be fine with an english speaking group. Both of us have started recently at the Adventure League in the Cafe 1070 and it was a great experience. We would like to come to this Friday Nights game days as often as possible but we would also like to be part of a group which could play longer ongoing adventures. So we are seeking now a group who would accept two (may be 3) new players on a regular base, and where the gaming day would be a Saturday or Sunday. As a Goodie we can provide a big room with tables and also a mini fridge next to a U4 Station.

Hi @Calderos, I am also very interested in finding a regular group for long term Campaigns, Weekend is ok for me too (Sundays preferred)

I bring with me my lifetime game exp, since the early times of the 1st Edition AD&D :grinning:

Hamer it would be a honor to go on adventures with you. We should talk about at the next AL evening

Well, if you ever want to play …

Hello @Calderos @Hamer

I’m the DM of a new small group.
So far we have just 2 players and played one session, we’re looking for a few more (2-3, maybe 4) players.

Right now we’re playing Lost Mines of Phandelver and my plan for after finishing this is either another premade adventure or if I finish it in time, a pirate setting with the players owning a ship.

We’re also a german speaking group.

The other 2 players are mostly new to pen&paper, I’ve got some experience with Pathfinder and 5e.

Playdays are weekends.
Some more info about us.
We’re 2 guys 1 gal, ages from 22 - 28.

Hit me up if you’re interested

If both of you already played Lost Mines then I’ll have to get something new ready :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. what I forgot to mention

We’re using dndbeyond for the character sheets, so you have your character on your smartphone/tablet/laptop/… which is pretty nice and automates many things and gives you a good overview over most of your stats.

I would be in too. Saturday would be best for me.
… since everybody writes a little something, I dare to say that have some experience in 5e, i like to roleplay and create peculiar chars - like my minotaur sorcerer warrior-princess :wink:

Hi @bkp ,
sound great to me :slight_smile:
It could be that I play the Lost Mines next Friday, in Cafe’ 1070…it depends on which T1 table I can join. Given the chance I will choose not to play the Mines this time and save it for our first meeting.

As for the day of the week, I would really prefer Sundays, because on Saturdays it is the only chance for me to do all things that I cannot do during the week due to work…Sundays, instead, all shops are closed and we can play the whole afternoon (and evening).

Where do you guys meet to play?

Andrea (I am a male human…this name in Italy is for men only :-D)

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hi bkp
would you also be up to take on a third newbie? i’ve recently gotten into dnd but never played a session. I have however watched a few dnd streams on twitch if that helps at all :smile:
cheers ben

General hint: You can always come to Adventure Leagues on Fridays. It is a very good place to get your feet wet in regards to D&D.

Please announce if you want to come in the respective thread. This is the one for tomorrow.

Happy D&Ding!

@mulog ah good to know. wasnt sure how newbie friendly those meet ups where. but in that case i’ll come by next week :slight_smile:
thanks for the info!

It is super newbie friendly! If you want to make a character beforehand, make sure it is adventure league legal (level 1, point buy, average hit points, only one other book besides the Player’s Handbook). See this this free info pack. But you can always come a little earlier and have someone there help you create a new character or pick one of the pre-generated ones.

This shouldn’t stop you from joining the campaign of course.

hi, me and my girlfriend are looking for a group to play in. We’re both experienced players and our other group plays few and far between nowadays, so looking for a group that plays regularly, are you guys still looking for players? We would definitely prefer to play in english as our german isnt so good, and weekends work for us!


At the moment we dont look for more Players, we have a good group size. Also we play in German, some of our people are not so good with english.

Hey there,
anyone playing Das Schwarze Auge? Would be nice to find a group to play, as I only know DSA so far. I’m German speaking but English is also fine.

Neverthelss, it’s probably never to late to learn new systems as well :slight_smile:

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