Group of 4-6 players looking for DM!

Hello everyone,

my name is Mia (30, she/her) and i discovered D&D during covid with 4 friends. We startet a group and played two 5e campaigns so far, a super quick starter campaign and then a homebrew campaign for about 2 years. I think our characters got up to lvl 14 or so…

We would love to get back in the game but we currently don’t have a DM. It’s not yet clear if all five of us will play again and/or if another friend who is interested might join. One of us also lives abroad so we are used to playing online and in the past we met up a few times a year to play in person when we were all in VIE.

As far as themes and/or topic goes we are totally open your ideas and interests :slight_smile:

If you need any additional information about us, ask away! We are excited to hopefully hear from anyone and everyone!

Cheers, Mia

welcome :slight_smile:

we run open games every FR and sometimes on SA as well
… that would be in person though

have no time for another campaign atm sadly
… I could only cast: summon @Takanari

hope that helps :slight_smile:

good luck


who disturbs me?

hi, I’m starting a campaign on saturday. still looking for players. atm i planned to play with the players that show up. if thats you, so be it.

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What campaign themes are you looking for or really anything?

The rough outline is bandits, ethics, intrigue, fire, dwarves, dragons. (But I’m ready for curve balls)

I am right now without a group to DM… I could do a game every two weeks. Would the person living abroad be ok with the rest of us meeting in person and her/him being online?

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