Hello All, I’m a Canadian and recent-ish resident of Vienna. Back home I had a couple of on-going games of D&D with various groups of friends and I’m missing it. :slight_smile: We probably we never too serious, each group meeting maybe six-eight times a year, but it was a lot of fun! I finally gave up convincing my work colleagues to give it a try and sought out some players on-line, and that’s how I stumbled onto these boards. Seems like this crew has some good times and I hope I can give it a go soon too. :slight_smile:
Look forward to meeting many of you on a Thursday night!



Not too serious is generally a good attitude!

I see you have played 3.5 and 4th Ed but you don’t mention 5th? Never had the opportunity to try it or unconvinced?

Thanks Simon,
Yep, just never had the opportunity, looks good though!