Hello there!
I’m 22 years old (he/him) and I’ve lived in Vienna my whole life. I’ve also been playing video games since childhood mainly RPGs, but never got into DnD. After seeing Clips of Campaigns online and playing the new Baldur’s Gate it really peaked my interest to join a campaign. I’ve never played one and really want to join one when i find the time for the ones that are happening on Fridays!
I would need help with the character creation tho, because I don’t really understand how it works, even after reading into it ^^'.


Welcome and hello! I’ve only been playing for three or so weeks and just wanted to say, everyone is super helpful and nice so don’t worry too much :slight_smile:

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Maby look if somone is on the discord server who can answer your questiones and gude you trouh your first char, if not I can come on in the evening

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I checked the discord out and was told there are usually people who could help me at WoWKeepers. But I will try my best to come prepared when I join a campaign :smiley:
Thanks for the tip!

Allright then

See you on friday

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Sadly I won’t be able to make it until probably end of august/beginning of september because I’m on vacation