Hi fellow RPG fans,

my name is Peter and I’m a Canadian living in Vienna who would love to roll some dice. I’ve played D&D 3.5 a lot, and that is what I’d prefer but am open to learning new games/systems.

I read a few threads and found that you play Thursdays at Spielbar, but haven’t found anything about a meeting this week. I’d like to play in a campaign, but will keep an eye on this thread.


Hi Peter,

I see you’ve found the thread about this weeks meeting. Thursdays tend to be one-shots of whatever system the GM wants to run - just turn up and play (or GM if you want) as someone usually has a game to run.

We are usually at the table at the very back of the Spielbar.


Excellent. Thanks for the info Scott! I may put together something to GM in the coming weeks…