Hello everyone, my name is Laurens. I’ve been browsing the interwebs a few days for RP communities in Vienna. Since english is my preffered medium it seems i struck gold with this forum!

Anyways, I’ve been interested in gaming for as long as I can remember. The first time I really got obsessed with a game was when my parents bought our first home computer in 2000. It came with a few games for free, including one of my all time favourites, the RPG/RTS hybrid Sacrifice.

Since then my obsession has done nothing but grow, first in RTS’ and then later in RPGs and then MMOs. Recently, though, I’ve decided that Video games interfered too much with my other passion, Music. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for years, and I can’t seem to balance it, so I’ve decided to all but stop entirely.

P&P is something I’ve known about a long time, and in my current search for a manageable pasttime it seems to be exactly in my ball park. My favourite part of any video game is immersing myself as much as possible in it’s setting and world and follow (or try to build my own) narrative. Although I’m naturally also interested in gaming systems, I’m interested in finding a group of like-minded people who play roleplaying games for the roleplay.

In terms of settings I prefer darker themed stories and settings, with more “grey” morality as opposed to black and white (most of the time).

All that being said, in terms of Tabletop gaming I’m a total newbie, my experiences limited to a few tabletop games. I’ve always been a PC gamer at heart, but I’d very much like to try something else, and I’m open to most anything.

I realize it might take some time for me to find a group, so in the meantime maybe we could get to know eachother? :slight_smile:

PS: Is anyone aware of a community in Vienna for Warmachine and Hordes? It’s a very cool looking system imo :mrgreen:


Indeed, welcome!