Greetings, travellers! (or: Newbie seeks other (not necessarily) Newbies to create a new D&D-tribe)


I would like to form a D&D group for more frequent adventures (1 or 2 times every two months)

As a child/teenager I played Warhammer and Magic the Gathering, but I kinda didn´t take the time in the following years to pursue this hobbies through the years of adolescence. I always knew about D&D and since 2017 the interest in D&D grew enourmously (´cuz Warhammer changed much since then).

I tried to build a group in my circle of friends and a lot of them showed interest, as they heard about the game mechanics and the universe. But as always: It never really started, even though (I think) I did a lot of stuff to make the entry in the D&D-world as easy as possible. It was frustrating.

Enough of the lament. I would love to roll the dice as player or as GM and hereby I make the request to every axe-wielding dwarf, every beer-loving humanoid, every spellcasting maniac, every strong-headed woman and lewd man, who are bold enough to bash some dragonnuts, to come to my special cave. There are awaiting you some delicious surprises.

Sooo, I regret, that I am not really good in verbal communication, when it comes to the english language, so this is more a offer to people, who are speaking (a bit) german. I hope, this is even the right forum for it. A search for german speaking members with an english announcement. Well, retrospectively that´s awkward.

Nonetheless! I hope I didn´t steel your time and I am happy about every commentary and feedback. :slight_smile:

Warkrogg, headbanging and -smashing since 1991.

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welcome to the forum, there are quite a lot of people here who are able to speak german too, still the community is kind of focused on playing in english :smiley:

i’m sure you’ll be able to find some interested players (if i had time on my hands to join yet another group i would)
in the meantime, i hope you enjoy yourself and maybe join us on one of the open game nights on thursdays @ spielbar :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will join you in August @ Spielbar and looking forward to it.

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I’d be interested! Only played 5 sessions so far (cause my groupmembers have lives and stuff), but Im hooked!

Hello! I’d be interested. I’m kind of in the same boat, can’t really animate people to play regularly, though I did play a few sessions.

Good day to you, AndyArt & Tharater! :slight_smile:

Well, you certainly have more experience than me - I guided a very short oneshot-adventure - hunting a treehuging madman down - & the rest is pretty much of theoretical nature.
But isn´t the will to act the most important thing :wink:

How we should make the second contact? Sadly, I can´t go to the meeting today.
We could meet at the next meeting (I hope it´s the following week), or change numbers, or we could meet the next days/weeks. How would you like it?

I look forward to your replies,


“five axes are not enough”-Warkrogg

suchst du noch nach Spielern?