Greetings to all!

Hi all!
My name is Andreas, I live in Vienna since 1,5 years. I come from Italy, hometown Firenze, and I am 44 years old, so an old schoolar like Todd :slight_smile:
I started playing AD&D in my teenage years, more precisely in 1988 when I moved for some time to the US (at the time it was the AD&D 2nd Edition) and I later expanded my hunger for gaming to other RPGs like Call of Chtulhu, Mage the Ascension and lately Pathfinder.
I also enjoy a lot Board Games, like the Chtulhu-related Arkham Horrors, Mansions of Madness, Chtulhu Wars.
In these last 2 years I missed a lot the fun of spending a pleasent evening with friends who share the same love for gaming and RPGs, so finding this Forum today is great present :smiley:
I speak fluent English, while mein Deutsch ist noch nicht so gut, da ich es nur seit 1,5 Jahren lerne :slight_smile:
I read you guys meet at the Spielbar on every Thursdays, so I will definitly drop by next Thursday to start a new adventure in Wien!

Bis bald!


Always good to have another Pathfinder on board, see you around!

Welcome, welcome!