Greetings, heroes and adventurers :3

Hello :slight_smile: my name is Noémi, and I am an enthusiastic DM, fighter, rogue or ranger looking to play some DnD 5e in English! I have found this group through a sign posted at Planet Harry RPG shop. I tend to be a very tactical/combat oriented character. Is there any group in need of one of my prefererred roles? Alternatively,is there interest for forming a new group? I would be happy to DM unless someone else really wants to. Looking forward to hearing from you ~:>

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I’ve found this group through that very same sign about a year ago :smiley:
We meet almost every thursday at Spielbar. We play one-shots of many different systems but also a lot of DnD. If thats a possibility for you, it’s a good starting point to find people to play campains with.

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welcome! :smiley:

As long as you accept newbies, I’m totally up to join a newely formed DnD group.

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The thursday meeting sounds great! I’ve got a whole pile of one-shots of various difficulty levels in case there is need for a DM. I cannot come this week but maybe next week.

I would accept beginners, of course! DnD is best learned by doing :smirk:

Is there a set character level for the one-shots. Do players bring their characters, or is the DM responsible for bringing ready-made characters?

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welcome @nuFalcon

as the one shots vary in system (dnd happens from time to time, but not that often imho) it mostly is either pre made characters brought by the dm or a system with quick and easy to build characters, very rarely if every is there the opportunity to bring your own ready made characters to one of these one shots

there usually is a thread going up for each thursday where people explain their interest in coming and wether they could/would dm something, so you are most definitly welcome to express your interest in providing a game on one of the thursday threats.

as for campaign, thursdays are a good way to get to know some people, but it also is recommended to just start a thread, if you want to dm a campaign your group will probably fill up pretty fast, there almost always are a lot of willing players looking for a regular game :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll have lots of fun as part of this awesome community :slight_smile:

@Tersidian thanks for the info! I think what I will do is to announce the idea, and the people interested can first try a one-shot on a thursday with me to see if they like me as a DM. I have never DMed in English before so lets see how this goes :smiley:

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Greetings @nuFalcon,

just sharing my personal experience, for first time running a game in foreign language might be toughter as it seems.
Anyway, see you on Thursday, looking forward to your one-shot!

P.S.: Üdv a (jelenleg) kisszámú magyar RPG Viennások klubjában!

hali :wave:t2: @S_journ :blush:
I know, I have already DM-ed in German :grimacing: It goes well and players have fun, though I’m hoping I would be more confident in English because I don’t have such a terrible accent, and don’t make so many obvious mistakes :sweat_smile:

Next thursday (not this week) I will bring my adventure :blush: