Greetings, good people of Vienna

Hi there,

I’m semi-recent addition to the local populace, having left the shores of Albion about seven moons ago. This land has proved hospitable so far, and I could see myself taking root here. But that would not be complete without a friendly RPG table to attend from time to time. Ah, the sound of the rolling polyhedra, the tasteful chainmail-bikini artwork in the rule manuals, the smell of the junk food… I mean, the comfort food… What’s not to like about the gamer’s ritual, hm? As Confucius said, “Find inspiration in the Odes, take your stand through ritual, and be perfected by music.” Time to practise them rituals!

I’m not really sure how much my schedule will allow me to attend a regular game, but I first need to know what is available out there, so I’d be delighted to meet the members of this fine group. I am an old gamer myself, with about twenty-five years of character sheets in my archives. Unfortunately (?), I cannot say I have been playing continuously for all that time - due to frequent geographical moves, mainly. Yet I have managed to play and GM many exciting games, from the classics to more obscure/indie productions. Amongst my favourites, I would probably mention Ars Magica, Paranoia, Midnight, Gamma World and Underground. I also have lots of good memories with games such as Amber, Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Star Trek, Bushido, Cops (a very good French game) and of course D&D. Sometimes I tell myself I would be willing to give Vampire another try, probably as GM, but the way I see it would be quite demanding, so that may take time to happen.

I am not quite sure of how I would like to take part in the group’s activity, but I am pretty sure I would at least enjoy the atmosphere around a gaming table, so I probably just need to turn up and say hi. Looking forward to meeting you all :sunglasses:

There isn’t really just one group here on the forum. It’s more of an RPG-community. Although there actually are some smaller groups playing games (mostly Pathfinder, I think) most of the people here on the forum aren’t in an actual ‘group’.
What we have though is a weekly ‘meeting’ where we’re playing different games.
Depending on the people’s schedule the attendees change from week to week (so there is practically no commitment). As do the games.
If you want to find out more check out the latest thread in the General RPG subforum.
The venue is called Spielbar and nowadays the meeting takes place on thursdays around 7-8 pm.

If you want to drop by please leave a post in the mentioned thread, so that the people who want to run a game that day know how many people to expect.
As mentioned the games are usually changing from week to week - although we have some ongoing things like Pendragon that we’re revisiting to from time to time.
We’ve actually played quite a few of the games that you’ve mentioned (including COPS).
So if you’re interested, one of the thursday games is probably the best way to meet people from the forum.


There is the casual Thursdays group @ the Spielbar [Lederergasse 26; in the 8th district]
(starting in the new year probably at the 8th of January)

We typically play one-shots, just post in the relevant “Spielbar: Open Gaming Night” thread in the General RPG Discussion subforum, so that we can (try) to plan ahead.
We use those to organize, who wants to dm what and who is going to attend.

If you want to play or even run a rpg campaign, this is also a great place to meet and recruit people. As far as I know there are some regular Forum groups out there, but I do not know any details (or if they are still active).