Greetings from an old schooler

Hi. I’m 43 and have been living in Vienna for close to 20yrs. Recently I started looking for an English Speaking RPG group in Vienna and stumbled onto your little group here. I was an avid tabletop (A)D&D player/DM during my teenage years, but stopped playing once I graduated from high school in the late 1980s. I tried to compensate for all things RPGs via PC games (Baldur’s Gate, Everquest, Dragon Age, etc.) but it’s just not the same and I miss the social aspect of experiencing an adventure together. I have a bit more free time now and hope to find some like-minded individuals in this wonderful city. I speak fluent German as well, but prefer adventuring in English.

I noticed that you meet regularly at “Spielbar” and would be interested in joining and seeing how things go with your group. I just have one question regarding the location. Is it a smoke-free environment? I’d prefer playing and socializing in a smoke-free setting if possible. Can you provide me some additional info regarding the location? How long do you usually meet?

Thanks a lot!


Hey Todd,
we usually play in the non-smoking area in the back - so no worries.
It usually depends on the GM, the game and the players how late it’ll get. I think we never had a game that lasted much longer than midnight - and that was an exception already. People meet at 7:30 (although that’s not set in stone) and usually go home at about 11-something p.m.
Games, players and GMs change pretty much every week. The former more often than the latter though. So we aren’t really ‘one’ group that meets every Thursday. If you want to drop by just leave a post in the dedicated thread so the people who might run a game know how many players to expect.

Hi Todd, that backstory sounds vaguely familiar!

We’ll be playing a late 80s game at Spielbar tonight if you’d care to drop by.

You might want to prepare for a bit of spillover fug if you’re sensitive to smoke, but as Thopthes said, we’re in the back as far as you can get from the smoking section, so it’s generally not bad.