Greetings from a new person

Hello all. I’m a 28 year old Brit (he/him) who moved to Vienna a couple of months ago. I’ve been waiting until I’m fully settled before introducing myself so that I know I can commit time as well.

I am fairly inexperienced in taking part in campaigns, I got started late in life with D&D and took part in my first campaign around a year and a half ago, but absolutely loved it, and take in my fair share of media now around the subject. I love taking part in roleplay heavy things as I come into it from an acting background and love making compelling stories with people.

I would love to get involved with a group for a campaign, I have looked up the V.A.L.U.E games on this page and will certainly look at getting involved, however I will openly say some of the rules for it are confusing for me to jump straight in as quite a newbie.

Anyway, I’m on the discord as well, so if anyone ever wants to drop me a message I’m more than happy, I look forward to rolling dice with you all soon!


Hello :slight_smile: whats your discord?

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Hi, it’s Finy #9013