Greetings everyone! Newbie up for adoption

Hey there adventurers, the name is Houssem Eddine Chabbah(yes quite the mouthful and no, I doubt you can pronounce it in it’s original form), but you can call me Eddy. Originally from Tunisia, been living in Vienna for 6 years now. Also based and working here for the foreseeable future.

While I’ve always been a fan of roleplaying (playing most of RPG games on PC since 2005), only got introduced to pen and paper DnD during the finale of Critical Role first campaign. Was in love with the concept ever since. My experience with it involved two one-shots ran by my best friend during my vacations back home, and even ran my own one shot for friends once, based in a fantasy world I created for a book I’m writing. Naturally, all were homebrew with few made up house rules stitched together.

So that being said, I’m used to 5e edition - considering I been watching second campaign of CR for a year and a half now, but also open to homebrew games, and willing to take the time to read and learn if needs be.

Yesterday was my first time attending the public event at the café in 1070, did so as a spectator, and spent a lot of time with the Player’s Handbook. I learned what I can and used the evening to read the rules and get a better idea of how things work, mostly for my specific character. I spent the entire night when I got home, up to 5 in the morning, on D&D Beyond, crafting the character I always wanted and got it primed and ready in Pdf for use - need only print it (ofc DM has the final say on if it’s suitable or what needs to be changed) .

So the next step for me would be attending the event weekly and partake in the ongoing games. But, being the socially awkward troglodyte that I am, I don’t function as well as I would like in public settings. Don’t get me wrong, I usually freak out and get easily overwhelmed in public spaces, but I must admit that I felt very much at home among the participants who were friendly and welcoming. I’m even considering that sometimes I should bring a book to read beside a groups,instead of say playing, just for the friendly company. The atmosphere was perfect.

However, I still want my character, like my self, to get used to a fix group that we can get to know and have a closer bond with, grow as player and character. Oneshots are great fun, but lack the commitment or the importance of choice perhaps, in how you play. Meaning: I feel like you’re less likely to consider your moves as much in a oneshot as you would in a campaign where consequences have lasting effect. Also once I’m comfortable, I allow myself to be more immersed in my character (voice, mannerism, etc) which I still struggle with in front of strangers.

So, if there are any groups that need or want to integrate me into their group, be it a starting on or on going one, I’m up for adoption :stuck_out_tongue: (well obviously as long as it’s still in the T1-T2 range, with which I’m kinda familiar with, as far as what my character can do. PS: Level 1 Wizard, if that’s of any importance)

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Hi Eddie, are you interested in joining a homebrew system game called Dragon Eye? Our GM authorized me to send you an invite, if you are interested. We usually play Tuesday evenings on an almost weekly basis. Dice system is mostly based on D10s. Campaign world is compareable to the warhammer setting. The rules for magic are currently in the process of revision, but it’s mostly playable. I can give you more info, if interested.

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Hey there friend! I don’t know the system but I’m pretty sure with some reading, practice and dedication I will :stuck_out_tongue:
My work is mostly freelance at the moment and I can organize my time, so I’m up to play whenever.
I bought a new (and first) dice set, should be here on Monday, so got that covered.

That sounds great! I’d love to know more and yes I’m very interested and eager to meet new people and make some new friends! Thank you for taking interest.

We are using the Telegram messaging app for communication and scheduling. Make sure to download this free software. For the setting, I will forward you a cloud address, where you can download all relevant rules and character sheets, as soon as we are connected via Telegram. I am a little reluctant to post the link here, because the rules are the intellectual property of Tom Vogt, our GM.

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One of us!