Greetings earthlings

Hey guys,

my name is Andreas and I’m a native Austrian. I’m 21 years old and I’m a gamer (mostly video games) for … quite a while, can’t really remember. Two years ago I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends but those sessions are very rare due to us living in 3 different cities now.

I study English and History at the university of Vienna so my English is quite good normally.

I only know the dnd system but I’ll experience the rolemaster system on friday and I’d be happy to join a group in Vienna (or a meetup).

Btw: came here through reddit.


Hi Andreas!

Nice of you to join and thanks for coming here from Reddit :slight_smile: What edition of DnD do you play? Are you interested in any other RPGs?

If I remember correctly we play edition 3.0 or 3.5 … I think 3.5 …

Of course I am interested in other RPGs. I’d really like to expand my knowledge :slight_smile:

BTW: You should think of posting the forum to instead of /r/vienna. The first one is much more common.