Greetings and salutations

Greetings and salutations,

as a RPG-nerd since the olden days (red D&D boxed set) and because of my recent crush with the Critical Role show @ Geek & Sundry I very much long to participate in a roleplaying game in an english spoken environment. Over the years I roleplayed quite a couple of systems and settings, both as a player and a GM. Therefore I would like to ask about the proper rituals to join one of your one-shot game sessions at SpielBar.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Peter “Pjotr” Frank


We have a thread each week in the General RPG Discussion forum. For example: this weeks thread.

Just post in that week’s thread if you can make it (Thursday 7pm @ SpielBar), ideally a bit in advance. We are fairly easy to find in the bar - we’re usually at the table at the very back.